Thursday, August 30, 2012

The top 10 Facebook apps from Israel and more

The top 10 Facebook apps from Israel

If you play games, share referrals, recognize friends and purchase gifts through Facebook, it's probably thanks to an Israeli startup.

Make way for a hand-drying revolution 

Move over paper towels and jet dryers. Israeli-manufactured UltraClean is coming to transform the way we dry our hands in public restrooms.

A smarter inhaler for asthmatic kids

This Israeli invention delivers the medication better, gives the patient real-time feedback and provides hard data for the physician.

Arab-Israeli solar company wins EUREKA grant

Yafa Energy could be a bridge over which Arab-Israeli technology finds its way to industries in the Arab world seeking renewable energy solutions.

Step out on the Israel Trail

Running from one tip of the country to the other, the trail allows hikers to experience all Israel has to offer in one embrace.

Doron Merdinger goes for gold

The latest upscale merchant in Tel Aviv creates golden heirloom pieces with cutting-edge CAD tech, based on ancient mysticism.

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